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Slideshow background image Award winning video game Dreamfall, rated as the world-wide best game of the year across all genres
Award winning video game "Dreamfall"
Slideshow background image High-quality character with skin, hair and eye shaders and using advanced facial animations rendered in real-time in Shark 3D
Skin, hair and eye shaders in soft lighting
Slideshow background image Mobile game powered by Shark 3D
Mobile game "Aya and the Cubes of Light"
Slideshow background image Street scene with weather effects powered by Shark 3D
Weather, lighting and materials
Slideshow background image Mobile board game powered by Shark 3D
Mobile game "Scotland Yard"
Slideshow background image Fighting game scene using advanced animation techniques 
      powered by Shark 3D
Character action in 3D
Slideshow background image Sample of a strategy powered by Shark 3D
Strategy games
Slideshow background image Sample of a outdoor scene powered by Shark 3D
Outdoor worlds
Slideshow background image Screenshot of the Shark 3D authoring editor
Shark 3D authoring editor: Productivity and flexibility
Slideshow background image Large variety of different games powered by Shark 3D
Variety of game genres powered by Shark 3D

Shark 3D for Games

Productivity: The streamlined authoring editor with live nestable parametrizable prefabs increases productivity.

Completeness: The Shark 3D software solution integrates graphics, audio, animation, physics, networking, streaming, and scripting for classical, virtual reality, augmented reality or mixed reality games.

Flexibility: Consequent flexibility and modularity from the bottom up reduces risks and gives you reliability in planning your projects. High customization efficiency by Live-Live Editing™ of tools.

Cross-platform: Shark 3D is proven in a large variety of successful video and computer games for virtual reality devices, mixed reality devices, mobile devices, consoles and PCs.

Award-winning AAA gaming powered by Shark 3D

"The worlds you visit are some of the best looking to grace a game", says the Washington Post about "Dreamfall: The Longest Journey" from developer Funcom. This AAA video game was ranked as the world's best game of the year by Gamespy and has won multiple E3 awards.

A variety of projects on various platforms powered by Shark 3D

Shark 3D is powering a large variety of commercial games of different genres and sizes. It ranges from small up to large productions, includes action, adventure, riddle, and shooters, includes single-player games and multi-player games, from casual games to hardcore games, and includes PC games and console games.

The video shows a sample of a mobile game based on Shark 3D is "Aya and the Cubes of Light" from developer Object Vision.

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